Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride, a naturally occurring mineral present in water and various foods, plays a crucial role in maintaining oral health. While your diet and regular use of fluoride toothpaste contribute to your fluoride intake, our dentist may recommend fluoride treatment to further fortify your teeth and ward off cavities.

Fluoride serves as a potent ally in strengthening your teeth and shielding them from the perils of tooth decay. Throughout the day, as you consume food and beverages, your teeth face a constant barrage of bacterial attacks, sugar onslaughts and acid erosion. Fluoride steps in to counteract this demineralization process, promoting tooth enamel remineralization and thus averting tooth decay and cavities. Moreover, fluoride aids in enhancing the resilience of developing teeth, ensuring their robustness and health. This attribute makes fluoride particularly vital for children as their teeth emerge.

During your routine dental checkup, our Dr. Jim Const will check your fluoride levels and the health of your teeth. If your teeth are prone to decay or you are not obtaining an adequate amount of fluoride from other sources, a supplementary fluoride treatment may be recommended. Professional fluoride can be administered in the form of a gel, varnish or foam, offering a versatile approach to dental care.

Fluoride treatment is just one facet of our commitment to safeguarding your smile’s longevity. For further insights into preventive dentistry and the advantages of fluoride treatment in San Francisco, California, call our team at 415-391-2559 and schedule an appointment! We are enthusiastic about preserving your smile’s well-being and look forward to assisting you.