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Many of our patients are involved in playing contact sports, which can cause significant risk to their teeth and jaws. If a hard blow from a ball or knee strikes the head, the result could be a cracked tooth or even a tooth that has been knocked from its socket. If you play contact sports, it’s important that you wear an athletic mouth guard, and we offer a review of your appliance options.

If you are looking for a basic and inexpensive option to protect your smile, you can purchase a stock mouth guard from most local sporting goods stores. This appliance typically comes in one size but can fit most mouths. However, some athletes have said that this type of mouth guard doesn’t fit tightly or can make breathing a little difficult.

For a more fitted appliance, you can try a boil-and-bite mouth guard that you take home and boil in water until it’s soft. Then, you bite down on the appliance to imprint your bite pattern and allow the material to harden up as it cools. Still, some patients report that these mouth guards can still feel bulky.

To receive a custom mouth guard, we invite you to see Dr. Jim Const at our office for an appliance that is very effective and can keep your teeth and jaws protected without impeding your breathing. We work with a dental lab to construct your appliance with a thermoplastic material, drawing from an impression of your bite pattern to ensure the shape is customized. Studies have found that wearing a mouth mouth that fits your smile well can protect your brain as well as your mouth by preventing injuries such as concussions, and they can last several years if you show them proper care.

If you would like to learn more about the importance of an athletic mouth guard in San Francisco, California, or need to speak with our dentist about protecting your teeth, contact Jim Const, DDS at 415-391-2559 today.